APS procedure for Chinese students

Since the 2007-2008 academic year, Chinese students must generally obtain a certificate from the Center for Academic Assessment (APS) in Beijing to obtain a student visa and therefore pursue higher studies in a higher education institution in Wallonia-Brussels, based on graduate studies in PR China. On the other hand, a student wishing to pursue graduate studies in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation based on a Chinese National Higher Education Entrance Examination (gaokao) must obtain an equivalence of the latter in order to qualify for admission to a first cycle programme in the Wallonia Brussels Federation and will therefore not be subject to the APS procedure.

The APS procedure consists of two phases:

  • Examination of authenticity

The first phase involves checking the authenticity of documents (diploma, certificate, etc.) presented by the Chinese "student-candidate".

  • Plausibility interview

The second phase aims to check the plausibility of the documents (diploma, certificate, etc.) presented by the Chinese “student-candidate”. Based on the academic transcript, the examiner will question the student on the course content and thus verify that the skills, aptitudes and knowledge expected from the student have been effectively acquired.

There are cases of total or partial exemption from the APS procedure, particularly for researchers, for students travelling within the framework of institutional cooperation agreements or formal scholarship programmes or for students who have already successfully completed higher education in an institution of higher education in Europe.
All detailed information can be obtained via the website of the Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation or by contacting the Ministry at the following address: aps@cfwb.be
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