Colleges of Arts

The internationally-renowned colleges of arts offer courses in visual arts, theatre and the performing arts, and music.

They offer the following courses:

  • short courses of study organised in a single cycle and leading to a “Professional” Bachelor’s degree (1st cycle - 180 to 240 credits);
  • longer courses of study split into two cycles leading to a “Transitional” Bachelor’s degree (1st cycle - 180 credits) and a Master’s degree (2nd cycle - 60 to 120 credits).
  • a 3rd cycle, in close partnership with arts research and taught subjects, organized by a university, may be undertaken. This leads to a PhD.
To be admitted to one of the arts colleges, it is not only necessary to fulfil the general conditions of access to higher education but also to pass the entrance test organised by the institution, designed to gauge the artistic skills of the candidates.


The colleges of Arts in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation organise courses combining theory, practice, teaching and research in the following artistic fields:

  • Arts and art sciences
  • Plastic, visual and spatial arts
  • Music
  • Theatre and drama
  • Performing arts and broadcasting and communication techniques
  • Dance


There are 16 colleges of Arts subsidised and recognised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation: