From French-speaking Belgium to Brazil, green chemistry heading


Two years ago, thanks to Wallonia-Brussels International and SynHERA, the "research" network of the university colleges of Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Dr Benoît Moreau, professor at the Haute Ecole provinciale du Hainaut Condorcet, had the opportunity to participate in a conference on green chemistry at the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia (INT), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

There he met researchers from the Federal University of Rio and Fiocruz who are studying a common theme: green chemistry and biobased products. They then decided to work together to set up a pre-project.

As a first step, Dr Moreau would like to welcome a Brazilian researcher in his research unit to carry out preliminary studies. “The aim is to develop a technological demonstrator of what we plan to do on an industrial scale (which is still confidential at this stage).  Once we have developed this demonstrator and proved the feasibility of the process we are working on, we will then submit an ambitious international collaboration project”.

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