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The HEB is the umbrella organisation for three establishments : Isti : the Master’s in translation and interpretation develops in-depth knowledge of two foreign languages, perfect proficiency in French and the acquisition of a vast general culture given that graduates will be required to translate and interpret in all fields. Defré: In the course of several internships, future teachers will get a taste of very different environments: traditional schools, alternative schools, positive discrimination schools. The future educators, specialised in psycho-educational support, can go on to work with children and adults of all ages: from crèches to old people’s homes, in all the social contexts of the non-market sector and also specialise in special education. Esi: Bachelor’s in management IT and Bachelor’s in IT & systems (geared towards an industrial career and towards a networks & telecommunications career) and a 4th year of specialisation in the security of networks and IT systems.


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