Scholarship organization suspected of fraud: caution needed!

The AEF-Europe agency, in charge of education and training actions of the Erasmus + programme in Wallonia-Brussels Federation, as well as some higher education institutions (HEIs) have been informed of the existence of a suspected fraudulent scholarship organisation, which claims to offer "Erasmus Mundus" grants for foreign students wishing to pursue their studies in Wallonia-Brussels Federation, via their website

Foreign students would be selected by this organisation located in Brussels, which claims to act as intermediary for a consortium of various Belgian and Lithuanian universities (including ULB, ULiège and UCLouvain). The organisation would then request student candidates for additional fees to proceed with administrative procedures by the Immigration Office. This organisation even published fraud prevention message for student candidates on their website.

In addition to the false information and presumed fraudulent practices, it should be underlined that this organisation is not responsible for the Erasmus + programme implementation. We therefore invite you not to apply to this organisation and to refer, if necessary, the alleged fraud that you would have been victim of.

The European Commission has been informed of the situation and  the measures to be taken in order to stop the activities of this organisation are currently  been studying.

  • AEF-Europe contact:
  • Contact Wallonia-Brussels Campus (promotion agency for higher education of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation abroad):
  • Contact Academy of Research and Higher Education (federation of higher education institutions of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation):

Do you want further information on the opportunities offered by the Erasmus + program? Contact AEF-Europe directly or the HEI of your choice.