Tuition fees

Excellent training financed by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
  • Starting a Masters degree
The Wallonia-Brussels Federation has made broadening access to higher education one of its priorities. Specifically, this means that the cost of studying should not be a barrier to students of modest financial means. As such, the maximum level of tuition fees is set by decree.
Students from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation or nationals from a member state of the European Union generally pay a maximum annual fee of €835, called the "minerval".
Non-European students pay a higher fee than the "minerval". This higher fee is calculated to cover the entire cost to the university of educating students not financed by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.
The higher fee is also set by decree or decided jointly by universities. Non-European students may be exempt from this higher fee in certain circumstances.
Finally, all doctoral students, whatever their nationality, pay an maximum annual fee ("minerval") of €835 for the first year. In subsequent years, the annual fee is between €30 and €60 depending on the university.
The table below sets out the maximum enrolment fees payable by non-European students.
To find out the specific tuition fees which you will be charged, contact the admissions and registrations service at your chosen university, university college or arts college.
The amount is specified to the students in the letter authorising them to register with the institution of their choice.
* Students who qualify for an exemption from the full enrolment fees:
You must meet at least one of the following conditions (non-exhaustive list):

- be a national of one of the countries on the “Least Developed Countries” list produced by the United Nations;
- nationals of one of the eleven countries ranked lowest on the Human Development Index, but not covered by the “LDC” list, i.e. Côte d’Ivoire, Zimbabwe, Papua New Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria, Syria, Swaziland, Pakistan, Kenya, Ghana, Republic of the Congo;
- be recognized as a refugee or a stateless person;
- have as mother, father, legal guardian, spouse or legal partner an EU national.
- have acquired, over the course of the previous academic year, 100% of the ECTS credits for that academic year;
- be the recipient of a bursary provided by Wallonia-Brussels International (WBI).
  • Starting a PhD
Doctoral registration fees are €835 for the initial registration.
For subsequent years, registration fees are around €50 per year.