Tuition fees

Much of the real cost of higher education is borne by the authorities, for international students as for Belgian students. Higher education tuition fees are therefore very reasonable.

Whatever the type of higher education body, the standard tuition fees for a main year of study for the academic year 2016-2017 amounted to €835 maximum. Scholarship students and students of modest means do not pay any fees or pay reduced fees.

Foreign students from outside the EU must pay specific tuition fees. These are set by the ARES and cannot exceed five times the amount of the ordinary tuition fees, therefore a total of €4.175 maximum per year. The Least Developed Countries featuring on the UNO’s Least Developed Countries list are not liable for these specific tuition fees.

Without exceeding the maximum amounts mentioned above, however, these amounts may vary according to the type of institution and the chosen field of study.

To know the exact amounts of the tuition fee you will have to pay, you should contact the admissions and enrolment department of the university, higher education institution or arts college of your choice. See Institutions

The amount is specified to the students in the letter authorising them to register with the institution of their choice.

Specific tuition fees for PhD programmes cannot exceed €835 per year.
Please note: The amounts shown concern only the academic years 2016-2017 and are subject to change.