U-Multirank 2019: Belgian universities ranked in the world's top 100!


The sixth ranking of universities "U-Multirank" gives good marks to Belgian universities, including four universities from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

This independent ranking, set up by the European Union, analyzes 1,711 universities in 96 countries, from the point of view of research (citation rate, most cited publications...), the international dimension (international doctoral degrees, publications) and regional commitment (Master's graduates working in the region, regional joint publications), among others.

Belgian universities obtain particularly positive results in terms of the "research" and "international dimension" criteria. The University of Mons (UMons) ranks in the top 100 on the basis of these criteria as well as on the criterion of "regional commitment". The UCLouvain (Catholic University of Louvain) appears in the 1st position as a francophone university in the top 300 for the indicators "citation rate" and "research publications"; it is followed closely by the ULB (Free University of Brussels) and ULiège (University of Liège).

The U-Multirank differs from traditional rankings by a multi-criteria approach, without giving a global score. Indeed, U-Multirank considers the diversity of performance of higher education institutions (research, teaching, learning, international dimension, knowledge transfer, regional commitment) and differs from other international rankings that have a unique dimension (such as the "Times Higher Education Ranking" or the "Shanghai Ranking").

More info: https://www.umultirank.org