UNamur: 4 new study programmes for the new academic year


The University of Namur will innovate and meet the demand of many students during the academic year 2019-2020 with the launch of 4 new courses.
The university will propose a master's degree in molecular microbiology, a master's degree in pharmacy, a specialised master's degree in culture and cinematographic thinking, and a bachelor's degree in modern and ancient languages. This is something to please many Belgian and international students.
Indeed, the Master in Microbiology is unique in Europe. Entirely taught in English, this expert training in bacteriology is resolutely oriented towards research. It combines in an international joint degree programme project the expertise of three renowned European laboratories in this field, at UNamur, at the University of Marburg (Germany), and at the University of Aix-Marseille (France). The objective is to train research professionals in bacteriology, a field of growing importance in the fields of health, the environment and food.
Master's degree in Pharmacy. Pharmacy from bachelor to master. Students will now be able to complete all their pharmacy training at UNamur. This master's degree is carried out in joint degree programme with UCLouvain, which means that the students will graduate from both universities.
Master's degree in Culture et pensées cinématographiques. At the intersection of several fields, history, art history, philosophy, languages and literature, this new master's degree offers an approach to transdisciplinary cinema. It is proposed in in joint degree programme with the University Saint-Louis - Brussels.
Finally, the Bachelor of Latin-French offers a combined training in Latin and French, with particular attention given to the culture and history of antiquity.
These programmes are planned for 2019-2020, except for the Master's degree in Pharmacy, which will start in 2020-2021.