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  • High-quality study programmes Haichang, Chine The degrees conferred by higher education institutions in Wallonia-Brussels are widely recognised by scientific and business circles at European and international level. This recognition is a... Read more
  • A wide choice of study programmes at an affordable price Rebecca, Etats-Unis In Wallonia-Brussels, students have the possibility of following professionlly-oriented or academically-oriented higher education.
  • Kasia testimony
  • An open and multicultural society Maria, Mexique On the fault line of the Latin and Germanic cultures, Wallonia-Brussels boasts a long tradition of openness.
  • High quality of life Vladimir, Russie An excellent healthcare system, an efficient public transport network, an intense cultural scene and easy access to a range of sports make Wallonia-Brussels a society renowned for its quality of life.
  • A unique experience in the heart of Europe Joana, Portugal Wallonia-Brussels is situated at the crossroads of Europe’s major communication channels. Cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, London or Berlin are within easy reach by train.