Erasmus+ Study Programmes

The Erasmus+ programme, funded by the European Union, allows you in particular to follow a part of your graduate studies in another higher education institution in Europe or elsewhere in the world, to do an internship abroad, to follow a joint Master’s programme of the highest quality combining the strengths of the institutions of higher education in Wallonia-Brussels with the theoretical and practical approaches of various European and world universities.

For further information on the Erasmus+ programme, you can contact the AEF-Europe Agency in charge of managing the programme in French-speaking Belgium:

To apply for a joint Master’s programme ("Erasmus Mundus"), you can directly contact the higher education institutions that organise the joint programme to submit to a selection process organised by the partners involved.

Erasmus Mundus Master's programmes in Wallonia-Brussels:

Erasmus Mundus Doctoral programmes in Wallonia-Brussels: