In September 2021, the Federal Government announced new measures concerning the vaccination of international students and postgraduates. Upon arrival in Belgium, every student must comply with the requirements for entering the country (Passenger Locator Form (PLF), test and possibly quarantine).

International students who have not yet been vaccinated or who have been vaccinated with a vaccine not recognised in Belgium must adhere to the following procedure in order to be vaccinated in Belgium:

  1. International students who have been vaccinated in another country are requested to bring the necessary proof. Depending on the information provided, they may be eligible for vaccination in Belgium.
  • Students must follow the applicable rules for quarantine and PCR testing. They will then be offered the opportunity to be vaccinated. Vaccination data is entered into Vaccinnet, allowing for the establishment of an EU Digital COVID Certificate.
  • A student who has been fully vaccinated with an EMA (European Medicines Agency) approved vaccine can have the details of their vaccination entered onto Vaccinnet.  This is done using their Social Security Identification Number (NISS number) by the students' doctor or under their supervision, allowing for the establishment of an EU Digital COVID Certificate. Arrival quarantine ends after details of the vaccination have been entered, provided that the person concerned has been fully vaccinated for at least 14 days and has not tested positive.
  • Students who have been fully vaccinated with a non-EMA approved vaccine must follow the applicable quarantine and PCR testing rules. They will then be offered the opportunity to be vaccinated.
  1. Every vaccination carried out in Belgium is registered in Vaccinnet by the vaccination centre using the NISS number. Students can download the EU Digital COVID Certificate via the CovidSafeBE app and from the or MyHealthViewer websites, after authentication by one of the means offered by the Federal Authentication Service (FAS).

All higher education institutions (HEI) in French-speaking Belgium have taken specific measures to cope with the new health regulations. Whether you are already enrolled at a HEI or are planning a study or research stay, please contact the relevant HEI directly. They will provide you with the precise information you need. You will find below the dedicated web pages of each institution, as well as general web pages on the COVID-19 situation in Belgium.

Measures taken by HEI in French-speaking Belgium:
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