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Rue Royale 336
1030 Bruxelles

In the heart of Brussels, the Haute École Galilée trains professionals in communication and journalism, office management and tourism management, healthcare and teaching, committed, competent and on the quest for innovation.

The Haute École Galilée places the student at the heart of its education project. We guide them along the paths to excellence and absolute professionalism, in line with the different aspects of their personality.

The Haute École Galilée is:

> 4,500 students, including about 950 foreign students of 68 different nationalities.

> 600 members of staff, including 500 tutors.

Nearly 1,000 graduates every year.

About 400 students and tutors who go on international exchanges every year.

> 26 higher education training courses, including 17 Bachelor's, 6 Master's and 3 Executive Master's courses.

4 departments, 4 fields of trainingCommunication and Journalism (IHECS), Economics (ECSEDI-ISALT), Paramedical (ISSIG), Education (ISPG).

3 sites in the heart of Brussels.

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