In a testament to their academic prowess, two french-speaking Belgian universities have clinched spots on the prestigious QS World University Ranking list. The latest study, conducted by QS, highlights the exceptional quality of academic programs at ULB and UCLouvain. Belgium's standing in the academic world is further underscored by its 8th place ranking in Europe, with an impressive 71 programs from Belgian universities securing positions in the top 100 across various academic disciplines.
The QS World University Rankings evaluate over 16,400 individual university programs worldwide, spanning 55 academic disciplines and five major faculty areas. Criteria for assessment include academic reputation, employer recommendations, research paper citations, and indicators of productivity and impact. Such a comprehensive evaluation ensures a thorough and fair assessment of academic excellence across diverse fields.
French-speaking Belgium's notable presence in the global academic landscape speaks volumes about its commitment to excellence and international collaboration in research and education. These rankings are a testament to the dedication and hard work of faculty, researchers, and students alike, who continue to push boundaries and contribute significantly to their respective fields.