Chocolate, speculoos, belgian fries and beer… experience all the flavours during your study stay

Belgians love to live and love to live well! Belgian chocolates boast incomparable flavour and quality with an international reputation that there is simply no denying! No other country has as many authentic, coloured, regional beers with so many different flavours and aromas. Waffles, speculoos, cuberonds… Belgium has plenty to offer the gourmet pallet, not to mention its famous chips! 

Fun fact !

Belgium is the country with the most Michelin starred restaurants per km2 worldwide

Belgian gastronomy is a true delight for foreign students

Belgian cuisine offers varied dishes with significant regional variations. It is also influenced by the traditional cuisine of its neighbouring countries: Germany, France and the Netherlands. Sometimes, it is said that Belgian cuisine is served in the quantities of German cuisine but with the quality of French!

What is a Belgian tasting day like?

Filled with a great many dishes, Belgian cuisine boasts numerous flavours to savour at all times of the day.

  • Morning: to start the day as you mean to go one, what could be better than a delicious slice of cramique (pain aux raisins) or craquelin (pain au sucre).
  • Lunch: stimulate your appetite with Flemish-style green or white asparagus, dressed with melted butter or lemon and served with hard-boiled eggs and parsley. If you are in the mood, why not try the prawns, in their crispy potato cake version or served with tomatoes.
  • Dinner: as aperitif time arrives, quench your thirst with a cool beer. Lager or bitter, pale or fruity, beer reigns supreme in Belgium. If you prefer it strong and full of character, go for a trappist beer. Brewed in certain abbeys, the process continues to be carried out or supervised by the monks. To end the day, treat yourself to a regional dish. If you are in the south, you can try a Liège bean salad with bacon and potatoes, or perhaps “boulets” in a rabbit sauce with syrup, typical of Liège and with brown sugar… In the north of the country, we would instead suggest rabbit á la gueuze, Flemish stew, chicken or fish waterzooi, stewed eel in chervil sauce, a headless bird and gratin endives… all accompanied by delicious belgian fries of course!

Still got room for a little something? Why not try out the “caricoles” (small sea snails to be eaten as street food), cuberdons or speculoos…

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume in moderation. 

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