Come study in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and make the most of its excellent higher education

In French-speaking Belgium, the higher education system is varied, diversified and accessible. From universities and university colleges to schools of arts, from Bachelor level through to PhD, each and every student is sure to find the right education for their plans. And by choosing French-speaking Belgium to study, you can count on excellent education hinged on a long tradition of scientific and technological innovation and research.

Belgian scientific research: recognised worldwide

The influence of scientific research in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation beyond its borders is confirmed by its many Nobel prize winners:

  • 4 Nobel prizes for medicine;
  • 3 Nobel prizes for peace;
  • 1 Nobel prize for literature;
  • 1 Nobel prize for chemistry;
  • 1 Nobel prize for physics.

Fun fact !

Have you seen “The Big Bang Theory”? Of course you have, and just like us, we bet you’re a big fan of Sheldon Cooper! But did you know that the actual Big Bang theory was formulated by scientist Georges Lemaître at the start of the last century?

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