You can rely on the excellence and opportunities offered for your scientific research in French-speaking Belgium

In Belgium, university institutions, laboratories and research centres in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation enjoy access to cutting edge scientific support and top-quality infrastructure. High quality installations have meant that a large number of famous scientists have trained and studied here, carrying out their research. Indeed, our institutions have produced 4 Nobel prize-winners for medicine, 5 for peace, 1 for literature, 1 for chemistry and 1 for physics. And in addition to helping us train the talents of tomorrow, these advantages make a major and active contribution to establishing and strengthening international partnerships. 

Scientific research in figures

  • More than 12,000 researchers.
  • 5 research universities and no less than 250 spin-off universities recognised worldwide.
  • 300 public and private units specialised in research and development.
  • 6 competitiveness clusters bringing together businesses and researchers in priority sectors for the economic and industrial development of French-speaking Belgium.
  • 70% of publications of Wallonia-Brussels Federation researchers carried out in collaboration with at least 1 co-author from another country.

Fancy pursuing your research in French-speaking Belgium?