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Testimonials from international students at ESA Saint-Luc Liège


Find out what it is like to study at the University of Liège as an international student!



Testimonials from international students at UCLouvain


What did they enjoy most about studying in French-speaking Belgium?

Jana Plourde - ULB


Studying in Belgium at ULB was an enriching and stimulating experience! I learnt a lot about Belgian culture, including several French expressions that aren't used in Quebec. Haha! I loved the cosmopolitan side of Brussels.

Bouaassel Ahlam


Exploring Belgian academic excellence through Erasmus has been a transformative experience.

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Paola Saavedra Tovar


Studying in Belgium was very enriching. I honed my engineering skills, improved my French, and learned about diverse cultures. The warmth of the people and the vibrant community made it a great experience, broadening my academic and professional horizons.

Mariana Salazar


Belgium has a lot to offer, is a country full with technology, warm people and a lot of history. I learned new techniques about biological sciences and truly gave me an impulse to keep growing in my professional career.

Federico González Espinosa


During my time at UCLouvain, I not only deepened my knowledge in my academic field but also expanded my network significantly. I perfected my French and had the privilege of studying alongside individuals from diverse corners of the world.



For 5 months in Namur, I experienced hands-on research, made local and international friends that I still keep in touch with and traveled to neighboring countries besides Belgium. My studies were so rewarding in a personal and professional level.

Nguyễn Sơn Tùng

Viet Nam

In 2019, I was given the incredible opportunity to pursue my studies abroad in the captivating Kingdom of Belgium.

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Daniela Salgado - ULB


My academic training and my life experience in Brussels in the last five years have been deeply enriching because they allowed me to enter spaces that continually promoted a critical spirit and a reflective outlook.

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