Find out who our main international partners are for Belgian higher education

In order to ensure the globalisation of French-speaking Belgian higher education, and as an agency of WBI in charge of its promotion, Wallonie-Bruxelles Campus works closely with the external network of WBI as well as with the Academy For Research and Higher Education. Wallonie-Bruxelles Campus also collaborates on a regular basis with: the Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, AEF Europe and the National Fund for Scientific Research (FNRS).


  • The Academy For Research and Higher Education is the federation of French-speaking higher education institutions of Belgium. Its role is to ensure the global coordination of their activities and foster their development and collaboration.


  • The Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation has the mission of implementing, after obtaining parliamentary approval, the policy adopted by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation government.


  • AEF Europe is the French-speaking agency promoting lifelong education and training. It is in charge of the education and training part of the Erasmus+ programme. This Agency is in charge of promoting, implementing and managing the various programmes assigned it, in compliance with the European objectives.


  • The National Fund for Scientific Research – FNRS seeks to develop basic scientific research under the scope of the initiatives presented by researchers. It fosters the production and development of knowledge, supporting, on the one hand, researchers individually and, on the other, financing research programmes pursued in the laboratories and services mainly situated in the universities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.