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Sacha and Pedro


Sacha, a Chinese student studying French languages and literature, and Pedro, a Brazilian student who came to Belgium to do a PhD, share their experience. Report from the programme "C'est pas le bout du monde", IC Production, broadcast by RTBF and TV5 Monde.

They have studied in Belgium, they testify!

Congo (the Democratic Republic of the)

Moroccan laureates from universities and university colleges of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation send a message to students wishing to pursue their higher education in Belgium.

Izumi Koganemaru


My name is Izumi Koganemaru from Japan. I studied Bio Medical science at Kobe University and I went to Belgium in 2019 as an exchange student at Université catholique de Louvain.



Maria Elena Minuto


Maria Elena has received an Excellence grant funded by Wallonia-Brussels International since autumn 2020. This post-doctoral student chose ULiège to conduct research on an international artistic movement: concrete and visual poetry.

Read Maria Elena's testimony

Jordanne Maynard


Jordanne Maynard, comic book author, illustrator and graphic designer, graduated from the University of Quebec, shares her Brussels experience at ESA St-Luc. Dive into her story made of unforgettable encounters and unusual anecdotes!

Discover Jordanne's testimony

Agata Yuiko


Agata Yuiko benefited from a WBI-JASSO research grant to do a PhD in philosophy at UCLouvain in 2015 and 2016. Discover her testimony!

Ozawa Minami


Ozawa Minami completed her PhD in linguistics and pedagogy at UCLouvain from September 2019 to September 2020. Her research stay was funded by a grant from Wallonie-Bruxelles International-JASSO. Discover her testimony!

Andre Koji Matsuyama


In the video I speak about my experience in the exchange in Namur, Belgium, highlighting the best parts of my trip.

Paulo Henrique Macedo de Araujo - ULB


Belgium is a lovely country. I felt very welcomed by the citizens of Brussels and by all my colleagues at Université libre de Bruxelles, where I was for a doctorate internship for 5 months in 2017. I'm waiting to come back to Belgium as soon as possible.

Ellen Leonel


Living and studying in Brussels was a remarkable opportunity for enriching my career and network. At UCLouvain, I performed part of my PhD project experiments, had the chance to work with internationally recognized researchers and make some good friends.

Pedro Idelano De Alencar Felicio


Maybe I am the oldest student of UCLouvain - Université Catholique de Louvain to make a statement on this website, but it is always good to relive the best moments of our life, living in Belgium was in fact one of them!

Fabrizio Alves Dardes


I am Fabrizio Dardes, 23 years old, São Paulo - Brazil. I had the opportunity to study at the Université catholique de Louvain in January 2019 and the experience with the university and the city was amazing. A great place to discover new cultures!