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Place Louis Morichar 30
1060 Bruxelles

ESA Saint-Luc* seeks to provide both consistent and demanding training to creators overseen by theoreticians, researchers and tutors in the artistic fields taught. 

Combining education and training in creation, the ESA Saint-Luc in Brussels offers teaching and research programmes focussing on the fields of design, living and interior furnishings, eco-design, innovation policies and even new methods of graphic and visual communication and contemporary narration, including digital. Our programmes incite both practice and reflection, with the aim of giving students a solid general culture as well as the critical tools necessary for practising their discipline.

The ESA Saint-Luc is a school that does not shy away from work and requirement, but nor is it closed to pleasure. It is a school that encourages students to spread their wings, yet will not lie to them about their future destiny or lure them into art, assuming its role as maker of autonomy and production. It is more than aware of its responsibility for training students for their future professions.

Our aim is to train responsible practitioners competent in their field, to introduce them to the particular role of creators, to open up their minds to the quality of the profession and more broadly, to raise their awareness of the society in which they will be led to operate.

*The Ecole Saint-Luc is a School of Arts which belongs to the fully-fledged subsidised free system (Federation Wallonia-Brussels). It is one of the 4 Schools which belongs to the ASBL Comité organisateur des Instituts Saint-Luc in Saint-Gilles.

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