My name is Izumi Koganemaru from Japan. I studied Bio Medical science at Kobe University and I went to Belgium in 2019 as an exchange student at Université catholique de Louvain.

At UCLouvain, I belonged to the lab which studies Neuro Science. I got a theme which is related to the mechanism of Alzheimer's disease and researched it with researchers in the lab. Researchers there were very enthusiastic to studies, so I learned a lot of techniques and knowledge while proceeding the research with them. People in the lab were also very kind and fun. They always helped me and spent fun time together. I still keep in touch with them.

Studying in Belgium became one of my precious things in my life. On weekends, I traveled around Belgium and also outside of Belgium such as France, Germany, Netherland and Switzerland. I made a lot of great experiences and memories in each place. Even I didn't speak French, I had no trouble during the stay. I think it is because people in Belgium are very kind and helped me a lot.

I am sure I was lucky to get the opportunity to stay in Belgium and I will never forget the beautiful memories there.