French-speaking Belgian university colleges: practical, professional education

All the French-speaking university colleges of Belgium offer a quality education, liaising closely with applied research, universities, and socio-professional environments. Differently to the universities, the teaching employed in the university colleges is hinged on learning and the world of work. Theoretical and conceptual aspects are all part of the programme with a heavy focus on internships, which are mandatory. If you are looking for a course delivered in small halls with regular, practical work, then a university college is what you need!

What French-speaking Belgian university colleges can offer you

By choosing to study at a French-speaking university college, you have multiple education offers:

  • Studies organised as a single cycle, leading to a professional Bachelor’s degree (between 180 and 240 ECTS credits).
  • Studies organised into two cycles, leading to an academic Bachelor’s degree (1st cycle - 180 ECTS credits) and Master’s (2nd cycle - 60 to 120 ECTS credits).
  • Studies leading to a advanced Bachelor’s degree. This can be obtained after having successfully completed an initial Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. The advanced Bachelor’s degree contains at least 60 credits.

Fancy studying in French-speaking Belgium? Find your university college!

All 19 French-speaking university colleges of Belgium are recognised and subsidised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation: