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Haute Ecole HELMo is a higher education institution situated in and around Liège, which offers more than 40 different courses in the economic and legal (Foreign trade, Marketing, Compatibility, Management Assistant, Insurance, Law, International cooperation, Master’s in Public Management), teaching (Specialised Educator, Pre-School and Primary Teacher, PE Teacher, Secondary School Teacher, Special Education, etc.), paramedical (Nursing, Specialisations in SIAMU (the Fire and Emergency Medical Assistance Service), Paediatrics or Community Health, Midwifery, Laboratory technologists), social (Social Workers, Social-Cultural and Sports Entertainer, Master’s in Engineering and Social Action, etc.), IT (Programming and Cyber Security, etc.), short course training (Fashion Techniques, Robotics, Automation, Technical-Commercial) and long course training (Industrial Engineer: Industry, Sustainable Energy Engineering, Industrial & Business Engineering, etc.) sectors.

Its main purpose is to assure initial training, research and continuous training.

As a training player, it helps assure the development of its region in the sectors of health, human and social sciences, and sciences and techniques. In the pursuit of excellence, it stimulates and develops innovative teaching practices, creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. HELMo is a social and economic player that serves the Liège hinterland whilst helping develop the whole of the Wallonian region, construct the European and international area and assure cooperation towards development.

HELMo in a few figures:

  • more than 8,200 students
  • more than 900 members of staff
  • more than 500 foreign students take courses in HELMo
  • 80 Erasmus students are welcomed to HELMo every year
  • 200 HELMo students leave each year for international exchanges
  • HELMo collaborates with 180 partner institutes across the world

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