Head office

Rue Fontaine aux Mûres 13B
B-6800 Libramont

Located in the Province of Luxembourg (South Belgium), the Haute École Robert Schuman (HERS) offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

  • It numbers 5 departments on 3 different geographic sites: Arlon (Sciences and Technologies Department and Social Department), Libramont (Economic Department and Health Department) and Virton (Teaching Department).
  • The main characteristics of the HERS are its human, family and environmental dimensions. Situated right in the heart of an unrivalled natural region in Belgium, it welcomes 2,250 students who benefit from a tailored approach. Although situated in a rural region, it is in any case very close to the European centre of Luxembourg, Germany and France, sources of varied cultural and economic wealth.
  • Just like many of Belgian university colleges, HERS offers numerous professional training courses and business traineeships that constitute a key element. HERS also has a continuous research and training centre (RESSORT).

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