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Studying at HE2B, Haute École Bruxelles-Brabant, is a guarantee:

of high-quality higher education that launches students into a fulfilling professional life and gives adults resuming studies the possibility of expanding upon their knowledge;

of evolving in a welcoming, diversified environment hinged on humanist, democratic and fair values;

of taking part in institutional life, developing innovative projects that satisfy the challenges of the societies of today and of tomorrow;

of being assisted and supported throughout the process, in all difficulties and differences, in a school that specialises in success.

HE2B is a university college that offers a truly positive dynamic to allow everyone to reach excellence.

Professional Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and specialisations.

International exchanges, training courses, study and research areas (libraries, games library, research centre, etc.), numerous student services (accommodation assistance, student support, for students with special needs and sports students, social services, etc.).

HE2B is a university college organised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

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