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EPHEC University College proposes a wide range of business (Accounting, Law, E-Business, Marketing, International Trade) and technical Bachelor’s degrees (Automation, Electro mechanics, ICT), granting access to skilled jobs in growth promising sectors or to a post-graduate programme. Since 2019, we have also organised an advanced Bachelor’s degree in Business Data Analysis.
EPHEC University College has been aiming for 50 years to develop not only the students’ technical skills but also their strong soft skills – creativity – cooperation – active listening – problem solving – decision-making – etc., in order to ensure lifelong employability.

We are deeply convinced that the perfect mix of both skills will enable each student to develop his/her personal projects, at a local or international level, and will help build a more sustainable world. Our Academic Institution wants to promote the development of individuals and society while being recognised for the expertise of our staff in the education and professional training of citizens who can play an active and enterprising role in society, upon starting and throughout their careers, at a local and at an international level.

Our pillars

> A hands-on pedagogical approach.

> In our pedagogical approach, a thorough understanding of theoretical principles is blended with innovation, in a hands-on practical education, thanks to small classes.

> Collaboration, practice, professionalism and entrepreneurship are the essence.

Strong links with the professional world

> EPHEC has strong relationships with leading companies (profit & non-profit) and work integrated learning is part of every degree offered. Students are experienced in their fields before they graduate.


> Our aim is to develop international skills for all our students. Internationalisation at Home (I@H), short international programmes, and virtual projects are developed with the help of a large network of international partners.

Research and development

EPHEC aims to conduct research which is closely linked to our teaching areas. We seek collaboration and co-creation with our local and international public and professional partners from business and government.


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