Head office

Campus de la Plaine – Bâtiment HA
Bd du triomphe, accès 2 – CP 220/01
1050 Bruxelles

The Haute École Libre de Bruxelles trains thoughtful future professionals with a critical mind and who develop into responsible citizens.  It is backed by the ULB. It has a vocation for local teaching (teaching management) open to the world (social, economic and cultural).

It encourages applied research and is clearly in favour of the “globalisation” of its teaching (student and teacher mobility) and the institution of “international modules”.  The university college is proudly welcoming and is committed to sustainable development.

It organises short Bachelor’sdegree courses: Medical Imaging Technology, Social Worker, Cinematography, Social Ecology, Applied Electronics (run jointly with HE Ferrer), Occupational Therapy (run jointly with HE2B), Oral Health and Dental Hygienist (organised jointly with ULB, UCLouvain and HE Vinci), Management IT, Orthoptics (run jointly, organised jointly with Institut Ilya Prigogine, ULB, UCLouvain and HE Vinci), Photography, Podiatry, Public Relations, Midwife, Nursing Care (and specialisations).

It also organises a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy, co-organises a Master’s degree in Cyber Security and a Master's (sandwich course) in Facility Management.

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