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Rue Henri Blès 192
5000 Namur

Choosing the Haute École de la Province de Namur means choosing a university college on a human scale. We help students develop skills and build a professional project, offering the support of a teaching and administrative team and listening to individual needs. Learning is taken into account in both its individual and collective dimensions.

  • On the strength of the skills and experience of our teaching staff and training coordinators, our courses are perfectly in line with the professional world.
  • With 8 different Bachelor’s degree courses and 4 specialisations, we train for the professions of today’s society. They also guarantee a high degree of employability, as they are situated either in meaningful new, innovative sectors, or in sectors in which demand is constant. We are actively involved in economic and managerial sciences, public health sciences and motor sciences, as well as agronomic sciences and biological engineering.
  • Through the courses, activities and events we organise, we encourage an interdisciplinary approach and strive to have the different Bachelor’s degrees and specialisations come together around common themes. We are firmly convinced that it is essential to foster interdisciplinary thinking, filled with different knowledge and skills.

We do everything we can to make the student the real protagonist of their training, providing all the tools necessary to meet the expectations of future employers or to ensure that they can embark on everything they dream of, pursuing ambitions and developing creativity and knowledge.

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