The APS procedure for Chinese students wanting to study in Belgium

Chinese students who have completed their secondary school studies in the People’s Republic of China and wish to continue their higher education in an institution of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, need to obtain an APS certificate before obtaining a visa from the competent Belgian authorities in China. This certificate is issued by the Academic Examination Office at the German Embassy in Beijing (APS-Beijing centre), which is responsible for checking the authenticity and plausibility of the students’ certificates and qualifications.

What is the APS procedure for Chinese students?

There are two stages to obtaining an APS certificate:

  1. The authenticity examination

This first stage looks to check the authenticity of documents (the certificate, diploma, etc.) presented by the Chinese “applicant student”.

  1. The plausibility interview

After authenticity, plausibility is evaluated for the documents submitted. Depending on the marks recorded, the examiner may question the student about the course contents and thus also verify the expected acquisition of the skills, competences and knowledge by the student.

Please note: in some cases, you may be totally or partially exempt from the APS procedure. This applies, for example, to researchers, students travelling under the scope of institutional cooperation agreements or official grant programmes or students who have already successfully completed their higher education in a European higher education institution.