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ARTS2 is an Academy of Arts (Bachelor’s and Master’s degree) supported directly by the Ministry of College Education of Belgium’s French Community. The size of the school (about 650 students) allows it to keep a particularly warm atmosphere yet it is part of a large and prestigious college education community (universities and university colleges) within the Pôle Hainuyer, thus offering numerous advantages to its students.

ARTS2’s mission is to train interpretive and creative artists in its three fields of expertise: Visuals Arts, Music and Theatre.

A didactic training is also available: Didactic Master’s Degree and Aggregation of Secondary School Teaching.

Here are its two fundamental principles:
Acquiring mastery of techniques, the intellectual knowledge, and the knowhow and interpersonal skills related to the domain chosen by the student;
Event-driven artistic practice embedding the training programme in a continuous way by means of projects related to the cultural world/sphere.

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