The Royal Conservatoire of Liège is a Federation Wallonia-Brussels School of Arts which offers high level artistic training (Bachelor's, Master's and Teaching Diplomas) in the field of music and theatre.

Founded in 1827, it is one of Europe’s oldest conservatoires, offering a professionally-orientated music course.

Hosting about thirty students at the time it was created, the Conservatoire’s population saw a rapid increase in the XIXth century. At the time, the school trained some notable musicians, including César Franck, Eugène Ysaÿe and Henri Vieuxtemps. The Royal Conservatoire of Liège has steadily worked on its structure and developed over the course of the XXth century. In 1930, the school’s Theatre section was created.

Since the 1970s, especially on the initiative of Henri Pousseur, the school has become a wonderful place for contemporary creation, in music and theatre alike. An artistic institution of international renown, it now hosts more than 350 students and has about one hundred tutors.

Since 2014, Nathanaël Harcq has been the Director of the Royal Conservatoire of Liège (in charge of training actors). A new Director in the field of Music will be appointed soon.

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