Wallonia-Brussels General Delegation in Warsaw [Closure for an indefinite period of time]

Please read the official press release via Wallonia-Brussels International.

Our local team remains at your disposal

The Wallonia-Brussels General Delegation in Warsaw ensured the diplomatic representation of French-speaking Belgium in Poland; it also assured diplomatic relations with accreditation for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Academic and Cultural Liaison Officer in Krakow

The Academic and Cultural Liaison Officer aims to strengthen the international network of French-speaking Belgium, particularly in higher education and culture.

When to contact the Academic and Cultural Liaison Officer at Uniwersytet Jagiellonski Krakowie, Krakow?

  • If you are a Polish student and want to benefit from a study stay or carry out research in a higher education institution of French-speaking Belgium.
  • If you represent an institution offering higher education or research in Poland or in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and you wish to organise an exchange of teaching staff, stipulate an agreement between the institutions, etc.




Academic and Cultural Liaison Officer

+48 (0) 5 7066 32 07