Type of grant

Short-term study trip.


All levels of study.

Sectors and field of study

All fields of study.


Programme description

The Campus Mundi programme supports the development of the international competitiveness of Hungarian higher education over the period 2016-2021 with a budget of HUF 9.2 billion (€26 million). The programme supports student mobility and contributes to increasing the international role and recognition of Hungarian higher education institutions worldwide.

The aim of this grant (strand "c") is to enable students to participate in a short study trip abroad (in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation), closely linked to their studies in their own country. Winning students may carry out research or artistic activities abroad, participate in an international professional competition, apply for an intensive professional course (except for a language course), or give a lecture or presentation at an international scientific conference abroad.

It is possible to go to any foreign institution (accredited higher education institution, research institute, museum, archive, etc.) or to an international scientific conference or professional competition approved by the student's specialist teacher (director/head of department/head of institute) or supervisor.


The duration of the short study trip is a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 30 days outside of the travel days.

Financial terms


2-5 days

6-10 days

11 days +

Wallonia-Brussels Federation


13020 HUF/day


Grant funded by

The European Union and the Hungarian State (by the Tempus Public Foundation - Hungary).

Eligibility criteria

Nationality.ies – Profile

A student from any Hungarian higher education institution participating in the Erasmus + programme (with an Erasmus + Charter) studying at a Hungarian educational institution. The student may submit an application under the following conditions:

  • is pursuing a Master's degree and has at least 1 active semester completed ;
  • is studying in an undivided programme and has at least 7 completed active semesters;
  • is an active doctoral student and has one completed semester at the time of departure; 


  • is a graduate of a doctoral programme, has not yet applied for a degree procedure, but will have doctoral status at the time of application;


  • the application for the doctoral procedure has been accepted and the student has the status of doctoral student at the time of application;

in addition:

  • has the status of a student or doctoral student active in the implementation of the proposed activity or participating in a degree acquisition procedure within the framework of the training provided at the time of application;
  • has a complex language examination of at least level B2 in the working language;
  • the student undertakes to participate in the "alumni" programme for 5 years after the end of the scholarship.

Non-Hungarian citizens or students with dual nationality are not allowed to study in their home country.

Level of study required

All levels are possible.

Application process

How to apply

Applications can be submitted by filling in the online application form available at https://mundi.scholarship.hu


Autumn round: 9 October 2020 (last round of the Campus Mundi programme for this year after the spring round which closed in April 2020).

Feasibility dates: between 1 March 2021 and 31 December 2021.

Selection Process

Applications submitted will be evaluated by the staff of the Tempus Public Foundation.


campusmundi@tpf.hu and info@tpf.hu  or on working days between 8:30 and 14:30 at + 36-1-237-1310.