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Programme description

Dora Plus is an Estonian government programme that is initiated with the aim to improve the Estonia's visibility and attractiveness as a destination for studying and research. The programme will be implemented from 2015 to 2023 with the support of EU Regional Development Fund.

Dora Plus programme provides support to the MA and PhD students, resident physicians and young faculty members from higher education institutions in Estonia for participation in the research conferences, seminars, courses or other learning and research related activity abroad.

The aim of the support is to improve the awareness of young researchers and MA students about the diverse study and research practices, increase their participation in international co-operation projects and to improve the effectiveness of doctoral studies in Estonian universities.

The individual applicants shall turn to their home institution who are responsible for selecting the grantees. The scholarships to the grantees will then be paid out by Archimedes Foundation.

Students and young researchers from 18 higher education institutions can apply for the support in the academic year. These institutions are:

  • Baltic Methodist Theological Seminary
  • Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences
  • Estonian Academy of Arts
  • Estonian Academy of Security Sciences
  • Estonian Aviation Academy
  • Estonian University of Life Sciences
  • Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
  • Estonian Business School
  • Estonian National Defence College
  • Pallas University of Applied Sciences
  • TTK University of Applied Sciences
  • TalTech University
  • Tallinn Health Care College
  • Tallinn University
  • Tartu Health Care College
  • Tartu Theological Seminary
  • The Institute of Theology of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church
  • University of Tartu

More information or for submitting the application, please contact your higher education institution’s Dora Plus coordinator. The list can be found following this links :


Dora Plus short study visits can last for up to 30 calendar days.

Financial terms

The scholarships for Dora Plus short study visits can cover the costs of accommodation, travel and subsistence on the basis of fixed unit prices only. The participation fee of the event is reimbursed on the basis of actual costs.

The number of days supported by the Dora Plus scholarship is determined on the basis of official agenda of the event or timetable given in the individual work plan of the participant. In justified cases up to two additional days may be awarded for travelling (one day before and one day after the event/individual work). Funding of additional days is considered justified when travelling on the same day is not possible or would be overly complicated or would involve unreasonably long period of time or would not leave adequate time to prepare for the presentation.

Travel grant

The travel grant for short study visits shall cover the costs of travel from the point of departure (location of the home university, in general) to the destination (location of the event or individual work) and back. In justified cases and with the agreement of sending university, the point of departure can be different from the location of sending university. All Dora Plus travel grants are calculated using the same city as a starting and ending point of the trip

The amount of the travel grant depends on the distance between the point of departure and destination of the study visit. Only the online calculator of the European commission can be used for calculating the distance. The calculator can be found here:

Daily allowances can be paid in the fixed amount of 32 euros per day of study visit.

Only accommodation costs incurred abroad during the supported period of study visit are compensated by the travel grant. The accommodation grant is not be paid for the night spent on a ship, a train or other transportation.

The maximum amount of the scholarship (travel grant, accommodation grant, daily allowances and event’s participation fee in total) is 2,000 euros per one short study visit, regardless of the visit's duration or destination.

More information at

Grant funded by

Archimedes Foundation, an independent body established by the Estonian government with the objective to coordinate and implement different international and national programmes and projects in the field of training, education and research.

Eligibility criteria

Nationality.ies – Profile

Students and young researchers from Estonian higher education institutions.

Level of study required

Master or doctoral degree students.

Application process

How to apply

To apply Dora Plus scholarship the application must be submitted to your higher education institution.


Universities can register new scholarship holders on these dates: 10 January, 10 February, 10 March, 10 April, 10 May, 10 June, 10 August, 10 September, 10 October, 10 November, 10 December. 


The contact person for the Dora Plus short-term study visits at the Archimedes Foundation is Ms Carmen Raudsepp (, tel. +372 730 0121).