Type of grant

Grant for study and internship

Field(s) of study

Medical and Dental Sciences


Programme description

The programme of ENT scholarships for doctors and dentists who are members of the Warsaw Medical Chamber (OIL) in Warsaw was created to finance internships, courses and workshops in foreign centres.

Grants are awarded twice a year to the 5 doctors who receive the highest number of points in a given procedure.



Amount of financial assistance

PLN 5,000

Programme funded by

Warsaw Medical Chamber (OIL)

Eligibility criteria

Nationality(ies) - Profile

The candidate must be a member of the Warsaw Medical Chamber (OIL).

Level of education required


Registration / application

How to register

The grant application includes the  following  attachments:

  • a document confirming the result of LEK / LDEK / PES,
  • a list of scientific publications and papers at symposia and conferences,
  • a document confirming completed courses or internships,
  • the agreement of the head of the training centre,
  • a confirmation of completion of vocational  training,
  • a declaration of knowledge of the foreign language in which the course or training will take place,
  • other documents (e.g. letters of recommendation, publications, conference reports, university degrees, postgraduate diplomas) which may justify the application,
  • an obligation to return the amount of the grant awarded in case of misuse or non-submission of the required report.

The applicant submits his/her application directly by e-mail to the following address: stypendia@oilwaw.org.pl.

Persons who have been awarded a scholarship are required to submit the original documents directly to the Secretariat of the Warsaw Regional Medical Chamber within 14 days from the date of receipt of the decision to award the scholarship.

Deadline date

The next deadline is 30 September 2021. Then in March 2022 (to be confirmed).


22 54 28 390


Rules for the award of grants with attachments (PL)

Resolution of the ENT in Warsaw dated 6 November 2019 on the adoption of the Regulations for the Award of the ENT Scholarship in Warsaw (PL)