We invite you to consult the website of the Immigration Office. You will find the following sections:

  • Application for a visa D
  • Supporting documents
  • Handling term for a visa request
  • Approval (visa D)
  • Refusal
  • Arrival in Belgium
  • Residence permit

The citizen of a third country who wishes to undertake full-time higher studies at a higher education institution in Belgium, or a preparatory year for this education, must submit an application for authorisation to stay in Belgium for more than 90 days.

The general rule is that this request will be submitted to the Belgian diplomatic or consular post competent for the place where they usually reside abroad, in the form of an application for a visa D (national visa for a long stay).

The list of Belgian embassies and consulates is published on the FPS Foreign Affairs site (www.diplomatie.belgium.be).

The procedure for submitting a visa application is explained on the website of the relevant post and on the website of the external service provider with which the post works to receive visa applications (VFS Global, TLS Contact).

As a general rule, applicants must submit their visa application in person, as they will be asked to provide fingerprints and answer a questionnaire designed to assess the coherence of their academic background and study plans in Belgium.

By way of exception, a third-country national already residing in Belgium may submit their application to the local authority in the place where they reside before their residence permit or authorization expires. In this case the applicant must already be enrolled in a higher education establishment for full-time study.