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Beaux-arts de Liège - Ecole supérieure des Arts (BAL) offers training in fine, visual and spatial arts.

  • There are 9 different options: Cartoon strips, Drawing, Engraving, Illustration, Painting, Advertising, Scenography, Sculpture and Videography. Each is made up of two different training cycles – Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees – apart from Drawing, which is only available as a Master’s degree. Each Master’s course has three purposes: specialised, teaching and in-depth. The ÉSAVL-ARBA also offers two after-graduate paths: teaching qualifications or PhD.
  • Our training is hinged on learning artistic know-how and developing the relevant creative processes, independently and individually. The student, their experience and self-construction are at the heart of the educational project. It is differentiated teaching; it is hinged on learning, exchange and experimentation.
  • Through numerous exchanges and partnerships, whether regional, national or international, the ÉSAVL-ARBA opens up to the world and is part of a network that enables students to be players of a vast artistic community.

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