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Founded in 1832, the Royal Conservatoire of Brussels is an Arts College run by the Federation Wallonia-Brussels. It is one of the oldest institutions for arts education in Belgium. While building on its prestigious past, the current work of the Conservatoire looks to the future, with a focus on delivering high quality education. We constantly strive to develop excellent methods of teaching to ensure that every student, whether musician or actor, can find themselves as an artist and follow their chosen path.

The tradition of the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles is maintained by a faculty of the highest quality both in terms of teaching skills and as performers in their own right.

The teaching methods have continually evolved in order to help our student musicians and actors fully develop their potential and find their own, individual, artistic pathway. In particular, teaching has been reformed and new courses introduced in line with the changing requirements of artistic and professional life. To this end, new departments have been created, such as the Jazz department, the Early Music department, or, more recently, the department of Pedagogy and the departement of Rhythms and rhythmics.

Today, the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles has just over 650 students who come from five continents - 75% from outside Belgium - and they are taught by around 230 teachers. The courses are offered at university level, and are organised and recognised by the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, and equip graduates of the Conservatoire with excellent professional perspectives.

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