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Cinema, television, radio, animation and multimedia, theatre. The IAD provides initial training, on Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, in development, image, sound, editing/script, infographics/multimedia and acting/staging. The IAD also offers continuous training on radio animation and musical production – artist management.

  • Established in 1959, a year after the universal exhibition of Brussels, the IAD has trained more than 2,000 professionals who today hold a place in the Belgian, European and international audiovisual and theatre world. IAD aims to train professional artists who combine creativity, artistic sensitivity, technical Mastery and communication skills.
  • The learning and working method privileged at the IAD is to work as part of an interdisciplinary team, employing creativity, technical skills and professional reflexes, at the heart of project-based teaching and student training.
  • In addition to these professional skills, the tradition pursued by the IAD is to open up its students, whatever their origin, to the world surrounding them and to convey values of respect, tolerance and open-mindedness. In a constantly changing world, it is essential to discourage all forms of waste and to foster the training of curious, generous, open young artists.

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