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The INSAS is a school of arts (ESA) of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation network established in 1962, based in Brussels and which teaches performing arts (audiovisual and theatre). Teaching has always been based on the principle that professionals need to be trained in all areas, but also that learning performing arts is hinged on the principle of a complementary nature.

  • Teaching is delivered by professionals operating in the creative domain, who convey their knowledge ensuring that technical areas are kept constantly up-to-date and critical reflection is guaranteed on technical and conceptual evolution.
  • The cinema options run by INSAS include one longer-term and three short-term technical options (image, sound, editing/script). In the theatre options, there is a long-term dramatic interpretation option and a long-term stage technique and staging option.
  • Taking a common approach to artistic work, INSAS privileges learning instrumental practices and reflecting as part of a team. Classes have no more than fifteen students, making teaching based on a direct, often individual relationship between the professor and the student.

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