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Established in 1970, the IMEP (Institut Supérieur de Musique et de Pédagogie) is a place of creativity and freedom hinged on a long tradition of teaching. The teaching offered is multidisciplinary and based on research, creation and opening up to the world of arts, people 000000and society: it offers higher education, training for artists, educators and social players, adjusted to the realities of contemporary society.

  • The institute assigns a special place to research in musical teaching and posturology. The teaching body of the IMEP consists of recognised artists – actors, composers and teachers. A total of 471 students are enrolled at the IMEP, of whom approximately 28% are of foreign origin.
  • The IMEP offers three-year training courses (Bachelor’s degree) in music teaching and five-year options (Master's) in instruments, singing, musical computing, music theory and writing. The IMEP also delivers higher education teaching qualifications in one year, completing the Master’s degree.
  • The school also welcomes young talents, who are waiting to achieve the diploma required to embark on higher musical studies full-time. Each year, a season of concerts, conferences, masterclasses and musical meets is organised. This allows students to attend and take part in the performances and assure visibility to the teaching projects beyond and outside the school.

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