Type of grant

Research grant


Doctoral and postdoctoral

Sectors and fields of study



Programme description

The aim of the programme is to support the international mobility of doctoral students, researchers and university teachers in their quest for scientific excellence by enabling them to develop their research careers abroad and in research centres around the world. They will be able to stay in recognized research centers, carry out a post-doctoral fellowship or part of their doctoral studies, deepen their scientific experience through the implementation of projects with outstanding scientists from abroad, establish long-term relationships with foreign research teams and obtain equipment for research work.


Between 3 and 24 months in the case of a young scientist ; between 3 and 12 months for other applicants.

Financial terms

The grant consists of a living allowance of PLN 9,000/month for doctoral students and PLN 12,000/month for researchers. This amount can be increased by PLN 2,000/month if the partner accompanies the scholarship holder and does not work. In the case of a stay in Europe, the grant also consists of a one-time mobility allowance of PLN 7,000/month, increased by PLN 2,000 if the partner accompanies the fellow. Insurance and visa costs, if any, will be paid by the scholarship holder.

Grant funded by

NAWA : the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

Eligibility criteria

Nationality.ies – Profile

The programme is open to applicants representing all fields of science. There are no restrictions on the age of applicants. There are also no restrictions on the countries where the host centres are located.

The following individuals may apply to participate in the program:

  • A doctoral student
  • At the time of application, a university researcher or teacher employed by a university class entity.

Level of study required

In doctoral studies or PhD.

Application process

How to apply

The application is submitted only in electronic form in the computer system of the NAWA agency. In order to submit an application, an account must be created in the agency's computer system. After logging in, select the appropriate option:

Application templates are available at www.nawa.gov.pl. The application form must be completed in Polish, with the exception of Part III: Information on the project planned for implementation in the host centre, which must be completed in English. Part II "Accommodation Centre" may be completed in Polish or English. Copies of the most important publications must be submitted in Polish or English. Attachments to the application may be made in the Polish or English version. It is permissible to submit a copy of the doctoral degree in Latin.


To come


Agnieszka Kawka, agnieszka.kawka@nawa.gov.pl, + 48 22 390 35 83

Agnieszka Chmiel, agnieszka.chmiel@nawa.gov.pl, + 48 22 390 35 55


Bekker NAWA report templates, edition 2021

Sample questionnaire at the end

Sample survey 24 months after completion

Model agreement

Sample application - Doctoral student

Sample Application - Researchers

Sample Application - Researchers 2019